Track Logistics Group Rates

Freight Shipping

Shipping & Delivery

At Track Logistics Group we pride ourselves on being able to offer rates that are not generally obtainable directly to shippers. We utilize specific carriers who are able to give better than "off the shelf" pricing to our clients.
Rates are based on time schedules and freight characteristics. Please fill out a request for a quote with the specifics regarding your freight needs and we will be happy to search out a great price for you.

Freight Shipping

Freight Bill Auditing

Our bill auditing services are based on result so you have nothing to pay up front. We will collect erroneously charged fees from your shippers for a percentage of the returned monies. We will then send you a check for the remainder.
Please contact a representative to discuss how bill auditing could help your business to recover lost funds.

Freight Shipping

Freight Consulting

Our freight consulting service pricing varies depending on your needs. Pleasecontact a representative to discuss how freight consulting could help your business to save money and time.