Customer Support

What does 3PL mean?
Third Party Logistics - We specialize in Transportation Management & Warehousing
What can TLG 3PL do for us?
  • Create value by shrinking total logistics bill
  • Improve customer service by streamlining logistics functions
  • Convenient one-stop shopping for all transportation modes
  • One consistent service provider to become part of your logistics team
  • Improve risk management by partnering with logistics experts
Why can TLG 3PL generate more savings than we can ourselves?
  • By eliminating redundant overhead (i.e. Your employees become ours or our employees perform the work)
  • Our re-load network maximizes carrier efficiency
  • Third-Party negotiating leverage
Why should we use TLG 3PL over your competition?
  • We are an unbiased third-party, not affiliated with any one carrier or shipper.
  • In addition to the standard modes of transportation such as Truck Load, LTL, Rail and Intermodal, we are also experts in specialized services such as Expedite, Routings etc.
Is TLG an asset-based or non-asset based transportation provider?
TLG IS a non-asset based transportation provider with many years of industry experience.
How are overcharges collected?
When a TLG auditor identifies an overcharge in a client's freight bill, TLG files a claim with the carrier. Governed by relevant law and industry practice, this claim must be responded to in a timely manner. By identifying, as much as possible, only those bills which legitimately contain overcharges, TLG has established a reputation among carriers for honesty and integrity, making it easier for us to collect your money.
Once TLG collects on a claim, how does the client get paid?
We offer two options:
  1. The carrier issues a check for the claim amount payable to you and mails it to TLG. TLG verifies that the check is written in the amount of the original claim and then forwards the check to you with an invoice for our portion of the recovery.
  2. Most clients authorize TLG to deposit claim checks in our bank. TLG then issues a check payable to you for your portion of the claim.>
How does TLG get paid?
TLG receives a percentage of the recovered overcharges. We work on a contingency basis, which means if we don't collect for you, we don't get paid.
What happens if no overcharges are found in my bills?
If no overcharges are found, we return your bills with a statement to that effect. You owe TLG nothing and you have the peace of mind knowing that your bills have been verified by industry experts.
What is the claim's time limitation?
The Transportation Industry Regulatory Act (TIRRA) and the Interstate Commerce Commission Act (ICCTA), passed in 1994 and 1996 respectively, established a 180-day window of opportunity to contest trucking bills. (Other modes of shipping -- rail, ocean and air -- are not covered by these acts.) All claims for truck shipment overcharges must be filed within this 180-day period to be valid.
How can we contact TLG?
We can be contacted via email, telephone or by our contact form.