The importance of a Logistics Consultant

A lot of medium-sized companies neglect to work with an outside firm to monitor or consult their logistics/shipping department, and to me that is a very costly mistake. If your company ships LTL (Less than Truckload) or TL (Truck Load), it’s imperative that you seek out a consulting firm to help see what I see every day on the job. I understand that you already have a shipping manager or a logistics manager and may not see the need to bring in someone else, but this is a working relationship that will serve your company in more ways than simply saving a great amount of money.  Through a consultant, you will understand efficiency like you’ve never known possible.   Imagine someone being able to tell you how to organize your warehouse, advising you who to use for shipping at the actual lowest price, or even how to better pay bills!  All while leaving you with less stress and more money than you started.

Think of it this way, it’s often easier for someone from the outside to see the whole picture because they’re looking at it with fresh eyes. A consultant’s main purpose is spotting those key elements that your team is currently missing - and also finding ways they could improve efficiency in order to save your company’s bottom-line.

It’s been seven years so far since I started working in the logistics industry.   Through those years I’ve seen a lot of companies making the mistake of not paying enough attention to how they hire for the position of the person who be making their company’s shipping decisions. I understand that you are possibly more concerned about your products and sales, but remember this:  At the end of the day, your company’s profit truly depends on your shipping costs. Depending on how much you ship, I would even recommend you have an experienced consultant be a part of your hiring process, as long as there’s no conflict of interest.

My advice to you is to hire someone with experience dealing with the people in the field.  After a couple months on the job, invite in a logistics consultant to review the work of that person. The logistics consultant should advise whether your new hire is a keeper who can be taught, or if you need to start looking for someone else.  Either way, my goal is for you to ship smart  - which will in turn will cause you to be even more profitable, greatly benefitting everyone involved.