The importance of a Logistics Consultant

A lot of medium-sized companies neglect to work with an outside firm to monitor or consult their logistics/shipping department, and to me that is a very costly mistake. If your company ships LTL (Less than Truckload) or TL (Truck Load), it’s imperative that you seek out a consulting firm to help see what I see every day on the job.

The Hidden Truth Behind the LTL Discount

If I had a dollar for how each time I had to watch shippers bragging about how big of an LTL discount they were able to score, I’d be retired right now on some tropical island.

The fact is an LTL percentage discount doesn’t mean much until you know the base price they are working with.  This fact is something that will almost never be disclosed to you by the shipper. If you are shipping with an intensive Rolodex of LTL carriers, you know their biggest tool out of their competition toolbox is offering you a higher discount.

The ripple effect of lumper fees

For the past decade, a new word has been creating a lot of controversy in the shipping industry, and that word is “Lumper”.  Just saying the word creates so much anger around carriers and drivers, and adds frustration to shippers. The lumper services used to be an extremely rare occurrence in the late nineties that no one expected it to be the behemoth that it is today.